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Lee Mays

Concert tickets Lee Mays

JFC Jazz Club
Saint Petersburg
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Date and time

«Lee Mays»

Friday Fr - 08:00pm
April, 2020
Apr 24 Fr - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Shpalernaya ulitsa, 33, 191123, Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, Russia


Concert with Lee Mays, vowel jazz, (USA) April 24, 20:00, JFC Jazz Club, St. Petersburg, Russia ..... As is often the case with truly born musicians, Lee Mays's vocation was discovered in his teens. Mr. Mace from a young age toured in his home states - talent grew! Lee Mace, relentlessly cultivated in compositional art, creating hit after hit in the genres for adults, R q B Pop and elegant jazz. His famous album "Shine Your Love" was released in 1976, and in April 2010 Lee reprinted it, and then again became incredibly popular. A very unique singer, composer and producer, Lee Mace, will give the audience an unforgettable unique concert!